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Popcorn and Wine - by Meagra Solace

 It is Good Friday and I am at Diabolical Pink Bunny and Hubby’s place to work on our story “The Star Phoenix”. And I am in the kitchen making popcorn for the three us. It has just occurred to me that this is starting to become an alarming trend.

Every time I am here I always end up in the kitchen somehow. Hubby just mentioned that he made lunch but that really doesn’t counts since he is after all DPB’s hubby.

But to get back to the popcorn, I woke up this morning with this craving for popcorn. Now since it is Good Friday it is a public holiday and everything here is closed. That’s what you get for living in a small town.

I spent the morning with Momma Fleurin(our mother) and Silver Pixie(our younger sister) doing the flowers for three weddings before I got rescued by Hubby.

So now here I am making popcorn and drinking wine, while the three of us take turns to torture the Atlantis crew. I made a bowl of caramel diddle-daddle’s and a bowl of paprika butter popcorn. Hubby poured both me and DPB a glass of wine (he is drinking fruit juice because he don’t do alcohol) and now we are sitting in front of our laptops listening to golden oldies and working on our stories.

The two bowls of popcorn is conveniently situated between me and DPB which is making typing difficult because sugar, butter and laptops don’t mix.

I keep, having to wipe both my hands and my laptop’s keyboard and every time I do, I promise myself to stop eating. Which is easier said than done.

So back to popcorn and good wine, it is one of those lazy Friday afternoons that only come around once a blue moon. So that made me think, I’m not a Christian but the rest of my family is. So to all of you that are: happy Easter and drive safe if you are driving this long weekend.

Now please excuse me but Infinity-R-Us has to go torture Kavanagh some more.

Blessed Easter to all Christians and a Blessed Passover to all the Jews.

To insanity and beyond.